Power Distribution

It's great to have a generator to provide your generator - but you still need to get the power where it needs to be in sufficient volts and amps to make it work like it should.
We offer a great number of solutions for this:
Distribution Boxes (commonly known as spider boxes) in 50 amp and 100 amp capacities.(125/250 volts Cable of various sizes and capacities to move the power to the right spot.  Temporary power cords and adaptors.  For large needs we offer 3 phase Distribution panels and 3 phase power carts.
Applications of up to 400 amps per panel is common.
We can build grids of power to satisfy one 110 volt -20 amp receptable to 500 of them.
This can be tied into existing permanent power or we can use generators to provide the power.
Most of this equipment is highly portable, heavy duty and safe when used as designed.
Applications include:  event services,lighting,staging,sporting events, shore power, dockside,
the motion picture industry.


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Portable Power is a company that specializes in providing the electricity and lighting for large and small events in North Carolina, South Carolina,  Eastern Tennesee and Virginia.  We have generators from 1000 watts through 120,000 watts ( 1kw - 100kw).

We also install and service stationary stand-by power for homes, businesses, utilities, rest homes and fire departments.  Rest Home and Munucipality Work is something we have been successful in providing solutions that are greatly appreciated.

Temporary Power Distribution and Lighting are our specialties.

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