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Welcome To Portable Power

Electrical Power has become something that we all rely on to make our lifes better and safer.  
As technology has improved and speeded up our lives, electrical power has made us more productive, but also more dependent upon it.  We lose more than the refrigerators and air conditioning when the power goes out.  We lose sensitive information, our security systems, health care equipment,computers and communication equipment.  We lose a sense of security and well being for our families.
Our modern life style makes us dependent upon electricity to lead productive lifes. The statistics say that  the average household will have a power outage of nine hours annually.
PORTABLE POWER provides the equipment and expertise to keep your family, your business,your community and you going - no matter what nature, aging power distribution systems and accidents may throw at us.  Remember - IT'S BETTER TO PREPARE AND BE READY NOW, THAN TO JUST REACT WITHOUT THE PROPER EQUIPMENT IN TIMES OF EMERGENCY.  We provide the following products and services:
Diesel . Gasoline . LP/NG
Super Quite Generators
Transfer Switches
Manual and Automatic 
Temporary and Back-up Generators
Temporary Power . Temporary Lighting
Utility Work, Residential, Fire Depts., Rest Homes,Power Shaving, Commerical,Computer Back-up
Festivals . Special Event Power - Any Scale
Home & Commercial Stand By Generators
Constuction Power & Lighting


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Portable Power is a company that specializes in providing the electricity and lighting for large and small events in North Carolina, South Carolina,  Eastern Tennesee and Virginia.  We have generators from 1000 watts through 120,000 watts ( 1kw - 100kw).

We also install and service stationary stand-by power for homes, businesses, utilities, rest homes and fire departments.  Rest Home and Munucipality Work is something we have been successful in providing solutions that are greatly appreciated.

Temporary Power Distribution and Lighting are our specialties.

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